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1 kanal to marla converter

In Pakistan, navigating the world of land measurement can be tricky, especially when you encounter units like Kanal and Marla. These traditional units, though gradually being replaced by the metric system, are still widely used in property transactions and everyday conversations. So, if you’re buying land, selling a plot, or simply curious about these terms, this blog post is for you!

What is a Kanal?

A larger unit of land area, equal to 605 square yards, 1/8 acre, or roughly 505.857 square meters. Think of it as a generous plot for a spacious house or even a small farm. It’s roughly equal to:

  • 505.857 square meters
  • 1/8 of an acre
  • 605 square yards

Think of a Kanal as a standard plot size for a small house or a good-sized courtyard.

What is a Marla?

A smaller unit, constituting 1/20th of a kanal. Picture it as a portion suitable for a smaller house, a shop, or even a courtyard. It’s roughly equal to:

  • 25.2929 square meters
  • 272.25 square feet

Imagine a Marla as the size of a typical single room or a small garden.

So, how many marlas are in 1 kanal?

The answer is simple: 1 kanal equals 20 marlas. Remember this golden rule, and you’ll be a land measurement pro in no time!

Converting Kanal to Marla: It’s Easy!

Knowing the basic relationship between Kanal and Marla, conversion is simple. Here’s the formula:

  • Number of Marlas = Kanal x 20

For example, if you have a plot of land measuring 1.5 Kanal, converting it to Marla would be:

  • Number of Marlas = 1.5 Kanal x 20 = 30 Marlas

Converting Marla to Kanal: Just Divide!

The conversion for Marla to Kanal is equally straightforward:

  • Number of Kanals = Marlas / 20

For instance, if you have a plot sized 45 Marlas, converting it to Kanal would be:

  • Number of Kanals = 45 Marlas / 20 = 2.25 Kanals

1 Kanal to Marla Converter

Following is the converted list of consecutive numbers with 4 decimal places.

1Kanal 20Marla 51Kanal 1020Marla 101Kanal 2020Marla 151Kanal 3020Marla
2Kanal 40Marla 52Kanal 1040Marla 102Kanal 2040Marla 152Kanal 3040Marla
3Kanal 60Marla 53Kanal 1060Marla 103Kanal 2060Marla 153Kanal 3060Marla
4Kanal 80Marla 54Kanal 1080Marla 104Kanal 2080Marla 154Kanal 3080Marla
5Kanal 100Marla 55Kanal 1100Marla 105Kanal 2100Marla 155Kanal 3100Marla
6Kanal 120Marla 56Kanal 1120Marla 106Kanal 2120Marla 156Kanal 3120Marla
7Kanal 140Marla 57Kanal 1140Marla 107Kanal 2140Marla 157Kanal 3140Marla
8Kanal 160Marla 58Kanal 1160Marla 108Kanal 2160Marla 158Kanal 3160Marla
9Kanal 180Marla 59Kanal 1180Marla 109Kanal 2180Marla 159Kanal 3180Marla
10Kanal 200Marla 60Kanal 1200Marla 110Kanal 2200Marla 160Kanal 3200Marla
11Kanal 220Marla 61Kanal 1220Marla 111Kanal 2220Marla 161Kanal 3220Marla
12Kanal 240Marla 62Kanal 1240Marla 112Kanal 2240Marla 162Kanal 3240Marla
13Kanal 260Marla 63Kanal 1260Marla 113Kanal 2260Marla 163Kanal 3260Marla
14Kanal 280Marla 64Kanal 1280Marla 114Kanal 2280Marla 164Kanal 3280Marla
15Kanal 300Marla 65Kanal 1300Marla 115Kanal 2300Marla 165Kanal 3300Marla
16Kanal 320Marla 66Kanal 1320Marla 116Kanal 2320Marla 166Kanal 3320Marla
17Kanal 340Marla 67Kanal 1340Marla 117Kanal 2340Marla 167Kanal 3340Marla
18Kanal 360Marla 68Kanal 1360Marla 118Kanal 2360Marla 168Kanal 3360Marla
19Kanal 380Marla 69Kanal 1380Marla 119Kanal 2380Marla 169Kanal 3380Marla
20Kanal 400Marla 70Kanal 1400Marla 120Kanal 2400Marla 170Kanal 3400Marla
21Kanal 420Marla 71Kanal 1420Marla 121Kanal 2420Marla 171Kanal 3420Marla
22Kanal 440Marla 72Kanal 1440Marla 122Kanal 2440Marla 172Kanal 3440Marla
23Kanal 460Marla 73Kanal 1460Marla 123Kanal 2460Marla 173Kanal 3460Marla
24Kanal 480Marla 74Kanal 1480Marla 124Kanal 2480Marla 174Kanal 3480Marla
25Kanal 500Marla 75Kanal 1500Marla 125Kanal 2500Marla 175Kanal 3500Marla
26Kanal 520Marla 76Kanal 1520Marla 126Kanal 2520Marla 176Kanal 3520Marla
27Kanal 540Marla 77Kanal 1540Marla 127Kanal 2540Marla 177Kanal 3540Marla
28Kanal 560Marla 78Kanal 1560Marla 128Kanal 2560Marla 178Kanal 3560Marla
29Kanal 580Marla 79Kanal 1580Marla 129Kanal 2580Marla 179Kanal 3580Marla
30Kanal 600Marla 80Kanal 1600Marla 130Kanal 2600Marla 180Kanal 3600Marla
31Kanal 620Marla 81Kanal 1620Marla 131Kanal 2620Marla 181Kanal 3620Marla
32Kanal 640Marla 82Kanal 1640Marla 132Kanal 2640Marla 182Kanal 3640Marla
33Kanal 660Marla 83Kanal 1660Marla 133Kanal 2660Marla 183Kanal 3660Marla
34Kanal 680Marla 84Kanal 1680Marla 134Kanal 2680Marla 184Kanal 3680Marla
35Kanal 700Marla 85Kanal 1700Marla 135Kanal 2700Marla 185Kanal 3700Marla
36Kanal 720Marla 86Kanal 1720Marla 136Kanal 2720Marla 186Kanal 3720Marla
37Kanal 740Marla 87Kanal 1740Marla 137Kanal 2740Marla 187Kanal 3740Marla
38Kanal 760Marla 88Kanal 1760Marla 138Kanal 2760Marla 188Kanal 3760Marla
39Kanal 780Marla 89Kanal 1780Marla 139Kanal 2780Marla 189Kanal 3780Marla
40Kanal 800Marla 90Kanal 1800Marla 140Kanal 2800Marla 190Kanal 3800Marla
41Kanal 820Marla 91Kanal 1820Marla 141Kanal 2820Marla 191Kanal 382Marla
42Kanal 840Marla 92Kanal 1840Marla 142Kanal 2840Marla 192Kanal 3840Marla
43Kanal 860Marla 93Kanal 1860Marla 143Kanal 2860Marla 193Kanal 3860Marla
44Kanal 880Marla 94Kanal 1880Marla 144Kanal 2880Marla 194Kanal 3880Marla
45Kanal 900Marla 95Kanal 1900Marla 145Kanal 2900Marla 195Kanal 3900Marla
46Kanal 920Marla 96Kanal 1920Marla 146Kanal 2920Marla 196Kanal 3920Marla
47Kanal 940Marla 97Kanal 1940Marla 147Kanal 2940Marla 197Kanal 3940Marla
48Kanal 960Marla 98Kanal 1960Marla 148Kanal 2960Marla 198Kanal 3960Marla
49Kanal 980Marla 99Kanal 1980Marla 149Kanal 2980Marla 199Kanal 3980Marla
50Kanal 1000Marla 100Kanal 2000Marla 150Kanal 3000Marla 200Kanal 4000Marla

Why Does it Matter?

Knowing how to convert kanal to marla is crucial for several reasons:

  • Land Prices: Land prices in Pakistan are often quoted in marlas, even if the total area is in kanals. Understanding the conversion helps you compare prices accurately and avoid any confusion.
  • Property Documents: Land documents often use both kanal and marla to describe the area. Being able to interpret these measurements ensures you understand the exact size of the property you’re interested in.
  • General Knowledge: As a savvy Pakistani citizen, knowing your land measurement units is a badge of honor! It shows you’re in the know and can navigate the complexities of the property market with confidence.

So, the next time you encounter a land measurement conundrum, remember the simple equation: kanal x 20 = marla. With this knowledge in your pocket, you’ll be a land measurement master, ready to conquer any property deal with ease!

Tips and Tricks for Kanal-Marla Conversions

  • Remember, these are approximate conversions. Depending on the region and traditional practices, the exact size of a Marla or Kanal might vary slightly.
  • When dealing with property transactions, always rely on official land records and consult with a professional surveyor for accurate measurements.
  • Online conversion tools and calculators can be handy for quick estimations, but double-check your calculations for important transactions.

Beyond the Numbers: Understanding the Significance of Kanal and Marla

Understanding kanal and marla conversions is not just about crunching numbers. It’s about making informed decisions when it comes to buying, selling, or managing land in Pakistan. Knowing the exact area of a plot can help you:

  • Compare property prices accurately: A kanal is significantly larger and more expensive than a marla, so ensure you’re comparing apples to apples (or kanals to kanals!) when evaluating property deals.
  • Plan your construction projects effectively: Knowing the precise dimensions of your land is crucial for planning the construction of your dream home or any other development project.
  • Divide land fairly among heirs: When inheriting or dividing land, accurate kanal-marla conversions ensure everyone receives their rightful share.

So, the next time you encounter kanal and marla in the Pakistani property market, don’t be intimidated! Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the land measurement landscape with confidence and make informed decisions about your most valuable asset.


  • 1 kanal = 20 marlas
  • To convert kanals to marlas, multiply by 20.
  • To convert marlas to kanals, divide by 20.

With a little practice, you’ll be a kanal-marla conversion pro in no time!

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