marla to square feet

Marla to Square Feet

If you’re buying property in Pakistan, you’ll likely come across the unit of measurement “marla.” But what exactly is a marla, and how do you convert it to square feet, the unit most commonly used in other countries? This blog post will provide you with a simple guide on everything…
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1 kanal to marla converter

1 Kanal to Marla

In Pakistan, navigating the world of land measurement can be tricky, especially when you encounter units like Kanal and Marla. These traditional units, though gradually being replaced by the metric system, are still widely used in property transactions and everyday conversations. So, if you’re buying land, selling a plot, or…
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kanal to acre converter

Kanal to Acre

Buying or selling land can be a complex process, especially when different units of measurement are involved. In some regions, like parts of South Asia, you might encounter the term “kanal” used to describe land area. But if you’re used to the imperial or metric system, understanding how kanals translate…
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