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Updated Islamabad Postal Codes July 2024 Area wise List of Postal Addresses

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Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, boasts a well-organized postal code system that plays a crucial role in efficient mail delivery and navigation. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of Islamabad’s postal codes, providing valuable insights for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Understanding Islamabad’s Postal Code System

Islamabad’s postal code system is designed to simplify navigation and ensure accurate mail delivery across the city. Each area within Islamabad is assigned a unique five-digit code, making it easy to identify specific locations and neighborhoods.

Key Features of Islamabad Postal Codes:

  • Five-digit numeric format
  • Unique to each area or sector
  • Ranges from 04401 to 45900

The Importance of Accurate Postal Codes

Correct postal codes are vital for various aspects of daily life in Islamabad:

  1. Efficient Mail Delivery: Ensures timely and accurate delivery of letters and packages
  2. Enhanced Service Provision: Helps utilities and service providers locate customers precisely
  3. Improved Emergency Response: Allows emergency services to quickly pinpoint locations
  4. Data Collection and Analysis: Enables accurate demographic data collection for infrastructure planning
  5. Enhanced Navigation: Improves GPS and mapping services for easier navigation
  6. Effective Marketing Strategies: Assists businesses in targeting specific geographic areas

Islamabad Postal Codes July 2024

Here’s the updated table with the “View Detail” column removed and “Capital Name” and “State Name” columns added. Since all these areas are in Islamabad, which is the capital city of Pakistan and also a federal territory, I’ve filled in those columns accordingly:

Directorate General Npo04482IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Directorate General Po04481IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Internatinal Islamic University Po04436IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Isl Gpo Npo04401IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Isl Cabinet Block So04407IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Isl E-8 (Navel H.Q.) So04408IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Isl E-9 (Air H.Q.) So04435IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Isl F-10 Markaz Npo04413IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Isl F-10 Markaz So04412IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
F-6/1 Markaz04403IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
F-7/404409IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
F-8/M04410IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Fpsc04402IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-6/104404IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-7 Markaz Npo04406IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-7 Markaz So04405IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-8/3 (Pims) So04485IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-9/4 So04491IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-9/Markaz Npo04414IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
I-10/4 Ponpo04486IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
I-9 Market So04484IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
I-9/4 So04483IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Pakistan Engineering Council. So04451IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Prime Minister Secretariat Npo04415IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Shah Allah Ditta So04521IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
S. Block04411IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Ali Pur Frash45600IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Bagnial45240IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Bara Kau45400IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Chirah45680IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Golra45200IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Herdogher45800IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Aiwan-E-Saddar44040IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Allama Iqbal Open University44310IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
B-Block Pak Sectt.44020IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Dha Phase-Ii45730IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
E-9 (Air Hq)44230IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
F-7 Markaz44210IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
F-8 Markaz44220IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Federal Board44320IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-10 Markaz44100IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-15 Sector44150IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-5 Foreign Office44050IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-8/Markaz44080IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
G-9/Markaz44090IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Islamabad Gpo44000IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Hajj Complex45210IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
I-10/Markaz44800IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
I-8/444790IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
National Assembly44030IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
National Health Laboratiories45500IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Primr Minister Sectt.44010IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Quiaid-E-Azam University45320IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Model Town Humak45700IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Jagiot45610IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Kirpa45640IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Kuri45570IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Lohi Bher45710IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Malpur45520IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Mara Jaffar45250IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Nilore45650IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Noorpur Shahan45300IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Pakistan Town (Korang Town)45720IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Pind Malkan45624IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Rawal Town45510IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Rewat45900IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Saree Chowk45410IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Shah Allah Ditta45220IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Sihala45750IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Sohan45740IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Tarlai Kalan45550IslamabadFederal Capital Territory
Tarnol45230IslamabadFederal Capital Territory

Area-wise Postal Codes

Let’s explore the postal codes for various areas and sectors in Islamabad:

Central Islamabad

Area NamePostal Code
Islamabad GPO44000
F-7 Markaz44210
F-8 Markaz44220
G-10 Markaz44100

Government and Administrative Areas

Area NamePostal Code
Prime Minister Secretariat44010
National Assembly44030
Federal Board44320
Cabinet Block04407
S. Block04411

Educational Institutions

Institution NamePostal Code
Quaid-e-Azam University45320
Allama Iqbal Open University44310
International Islamic University04436

Residential Sectors

SectorPostal Code
F-6/1 Markaz04403
G-8/3 (PIMS)04485

Commercial Areas

Area NamePostal Code
F-10 Markaz04412
G-9 Markaz04414
I-9 Market04484

Suburban Areas

Area NamePostal Code
Bara Kau45400
Shah Allah Ditta45220

How to Find the Correct Postal Code in Islamabad

Finding the right postal code for an address in Islamabad is crucial for ensuring efficient mail delivery and navigation. Here are some methods to locate the correct postal code:

  1. Online Directories: Use reliable online postal code directories specific to Islamabad
  2. Pakistan Post Website: Check the official Pakistan Post website for up-to-date information
  3. Local Post Office: Visit or contact your nearest post office for assistance
  4. Government Resources: Consult official government websites or publications
  5. Maps and Navigation Apps: Some digital maps and navigation apps provide postal code information

The Evolution of Islamabad’s Postal Code System

Islamabad’s postal code system has evolved over time to accommodate the city’s growth and development. Understanding this evolution helps residents and businesses adapt to any changes:

  • Initial Implementation: The system was first introduced to organize mail delivery in the planned city
  • Expansion: As Islamabad grew, new sectors and areas were assigned unique codes
  • Refinement: The system has been refined to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Digital Integration: Postal codes are now integrated into various digital platforms and services

Benefits of Islamabad’s Postal Code System

The well-structured postal code system in Islamabad offers numerous advantages:

  1. Streamlined Mail Sorting: Enables faster and more accurate mail sorting at post offices
  2. Reduced Delivery Errors: Minimizes the chance of mail being delivered to incorrect addresses
  3. Improved Urban Planning: Assists in city planning and development initiatives
  4. Enhanced Business Operations: Helps businesses maintain accurate customer databases
  5. Efficient Emergency Services: Allows for quicker response times from emergency services
  6. Simplified Online Shopping: Facilitates smoother e-commerce operations and deliveries

Common Misconceptions About Postal Codes

It’s important to address some common misconceptions about postal codes in Islamabad:

  • Myth: Postal codes change frequently
    Fact: While updates occur, they are not frequent and are well-communicated
  • Myth: All buildings in an area have the same postal code
    Fact: Postal codes can vary within a small area, especially in densely populated sectors
  • Myth: Postal codes are only for mail delivery
    Fact: They serve multiple purposes, including data collection and urban planning

The Future of Postal Codes in Islamabad

As Islamabad continues to grow and evolve, so too will its postal code system. Here are some potential developments to watch for:

  1. Integration with Smart City Initiatives: Postal codes may play a role in future smart city projects
  2. Enhanced Digital Applications: Expect more sophisticated digital tools utilizing postal code data
  3. Granular Precision: Future systems might offer even more precise location identification
  4. Cross-Platform Standardization: Efforts to standardize postal code usage across various platforms and services

Tips for Using Islamabad Postal Codes Effectively

To make the most of Islamabad’s postal code system, consider these tips:

  1. Stay Updated: Regularly check for any updates to postal codes in your area
  2. Verify Before Sending: Always double-check the postal code before sending mail or packages
  3. Include All Details: When providing an address, include the sector, street, and house number along with the postal code
  4. Use Digital Tools: Take advantage of online resources and apps for quick postal code lookups
  5. Educate Others: Share correct postal code information with friends, family, and colleagues

Challenges in the Islamabad Postal Code System

While generally efficient, Islamabad’s postal code system does face some challenges:

  1. Rapid Urban Expansion: Keeping up with new developments and assigning timely codes
  2. Public Awareness: Ensuring all residents are aware of and use the correct postal codes
  3. Informal Settlements: Addressing areas that may not have officially assigned codes
  4. Digital Integration: Seamlessly integrating postal codes with various digital platforms
  5. Cross-Border Mail: Coordinating with international mail systems for smooth operations

Comparing Islamabad’s System to Other Cities

Islamabad’s postal code system shares similarities with other major cities but also has unique features:

  • Numeric vs. Alphanumeric: Unlike some cities that use alphanumeric codes, Islamabad uses a purely numeric system
  • Granularity: Islamabad’s system offers more granular location identification compared to some other Pakistani cities
  • Consistency: The five-digit format is consistently used throughout the city, unlike some international systems that vary in length

How Businesses Can Leverage Islamabad’s Postal Codes

For businesses operating in Islamabad, the postal code system offers several advantages:

  1. Targeted Marketing: Use postal codes for geographically focused marketing campaigns
  2. Logistics Optimization: Improve delivery routes and warehouse locations based on postal code data
  3. Customer Insights: Analyze customer data by postal code to understand market trends
  4. Service Area Planning: Define and optimize service areas using postal code boundaries
  5. Address Verification: Implement address verification systems using postal codes for accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions About Islamabad Postal Codes

  1. What happens if you provide the wrong Islamabad Postal Code?
    Providing an incorrect postal code can lead to delayed or misdelivered mail, shipping delays, utility service interruptions, slower emergency response times, and incorrect GPS directions.
  2. What is a postal code in Islamabad?
    A postal code in Islamabad is a unique five-digit number assigned to specific areas or neighborhoods for efficient mail sorting and delivery.
  3. How do I find the postal code for a particular area in Islamabad?
    You can find postal codes by checking online directories, consulting local post offices, or using reliable websites like Hamariweb.
  4. Are postal codes the same for all types of addresses in Islamabad?
    No, postal codes vary for different areas and neighborhoods within Islamabad. Each locality has its own unique postal code.
  5. How often do postal codes change in Islamabad?
    Postal codes may change due to urban development or administrative reasons, but changes are not frequent. It’s advisable to check for updates from official sources periodically.
  6. Where can I get a list of postal codes for Islamabad?
    You can obtain a list of postal codes from the official Pakistan Post website, local post offices, or online postal code databases.
  7. How to select the correct Postal Code for Islamabad?
    Islamabad postal codes generally range from F-7 Markaz (44210) to I-10/Markaz (44800). Choose the code that corresponds to your specific area or sector.


Islamabad’s postal code system is a crucial component of the city’s infrastructure, facilitating efficient mail delivery, improving navigation, and supporting various civic and business functions. By understanding and correctly using these codes, residents and businesses can ensure smoother communications and operations within the capital city.

As Islamabad continues to grow and evolve, its postal code system will undoubtedly adapt to meet new challenges and opportunities. Staying informed about these codes and their applications will help everyone navigate the city more effectively and contribute to its ongoing development.

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